Snap Button Jewelry Care

Snap Button Fittings and Charms are made with a variety of metal and are plated.  Plated jewelry will tarnish over time.  To keep Snap Button Charms and Jewelry looking beautiful, clean only with a dry polishing cloth or microfiber cloth when needed. Do not use any liquids to clean jewelry including jewelry cleaners.  Cleaners will strip the jewelry and can cause permanent damage.  Avoid submersing jewelry in water; remove before bathing, showering, or swimming. 

Interchangeable Snap Button Charms 

Happy day? Blue day? Sunny day? Lazy Night? Romantic Night?  -No problem!  Change your Snap Button Charms to fit your mood and wardrobe.  It's easy.  Simply pry out the Snap Button Charm with your finger.  If it is a little tight you can use a flat thin piece of rounded plastic (i.e. gift card or a guitar pick) to wedge in between the base and the Snap Button Charm, apply a tiny bit of pressure and the Snap Button Charm should remove quite easily.  Never use your teeth to remove Snap Button Charms as this could result in damage to teeth and jewelry and cause a choking hazard.